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Over 10 years of professional experience in the private and non-profit sectors in areas of urban mobility and development, policy design and evaluation, international cooperation, and climate change.

Experience in applied research, knowledge sharing, policy analysis, and project management.

Doctor in Environmental Policy with a Master's in Economy, and a Master's in Global Affairs & Policy (focus on international cooperation for development), and a Bachelor's in Environmental Engineering. 

Working experience in Asia (south, southeast, and east), Europe, and Latin America.

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What I´ve learned

Mixing Environmental Engineering, Project Management, Economy, International Cooperation, and Social Science thought me a thing or two.


What I´ve done

Led more than 80 people, managed international projects, designed and evaluated policies, generated and shared knowledge, connected with people globally, and more


What I enjoy

Neophile who cares about the world:
Usually part of a couple of social projects, I also love to discover new places, new people, and new ideas.

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Testimonials from teammates

"Sayel is a capable professional that is able to go the extra mile with high commitment to achieve the company's objectives. Dedicated, fast learner, and good leader."

Felix, former co-worker

"While he has an easy-going, friendly personality, Sayel maintains unwavering loyalty to his ideals and the facts. His worldly, curious, independent mind will bring surprising insights to any discussion."

Jonathan, former co-worker

"Sayel is a very passionate and motivated team player. And he is also well known for his excellent networking skills"

Kingsley, former classmate

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